Course Introduction

Hello,These modules have been created to help you learn how to analyze fundamental movement patterns. The entire program entails a pre-test, 16 skill modules and a post test. Each model holds various instructional videos to help you learn the skills. After watching the videos, you will receive a short 5 point quiz. If you get 4 correct answers a new module will open. If you do not have a minimum of 4 correct answers you can retake the quiz until you earn 4 correct answers. Each module should last maximum 15 minutes. You do not need to complete all modules in one setting, however once you start a quiz or test you should complete it. The pre and post test consist of 25 questions. You can retake the post test until the deadline as set by your instructor. If you earn 80% or higher you will receive a movement analysis certificate.

The surveys will ask you a few questions about your experience with movement analysis and with the modules.

We hope the modules will help you in your quest to becoming a quality physical educator.

Best wishes,


Helena Baert, PhD.

Associate Professor

Physical Education Department

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